Protesters take to the streets in the Algarve to demand a house to live in

Em Faro, people from different generations came together

Hundreds of people demonstrated today, Saturday, in Faro, as part of the national protest in favor of decent access to housing, which, in the Algarve, also reached Lagos, Portimão and Tavira.

The demonstration, which took place under the motto “We Demand Solutions – Home to Live”, brought together people of the most varied age groups and there were those who chose to attend as a family, including with babies.

The objective was, as Ana Tarrafa, spokesperson for the protesters who gathered in Faro, demand «a right that has been enshrined in the Constitution since 1975 and that is also inscribed in the Charter of Human Rights, which is to have housing».

«There are more and more people, from the most diverse professions - even some who receive higher salaries, who did not have this problem until recently - who are feeling affected», he illustrated.

«Right now there are people who are counting their lives, to know how much they will be able to spend in the supermarket, so that they can continue to pay the ceiling, which they cannot afford to do without», he added.

Others are not even able to access a house, as they do not have the capacity to afford the high prices that are asked.

This is the case of João Correia, who is looking for a house, but has come up against the high prices they are asking for.

«A T2 costs 850 to 900 euros per month, the cheapest, and they still ask me for rent in advance and another month's deposit», reveals this young man, who adds that the price of a T1 or even a T0 is not very high. below these values, in the city of Faro.

Renting just one room “is around 400 euros”.

As someone who has recently finished their studies and recently entered the job market, “it is impossible to pay these amounts”.

João's “luck” was that he was welcomed by his sister and brother-in-law, who have a baby son and also joined the protest.

«We came here today because we are one of those who have suffered with the increase in house payments, because we earn more or less the same», said Ricardo Martins, João's brother-in-law.

Alongside these protesters is their family, but also other friends, some with children.

«There is a little bit of everything here in the group. People who, like us, have payments, others who are renting and even those who want to rent and can't find a house,” he said.

With the demonstration, people who took to the streets in Faro, but also in Lagos and Portimão, as well as throughout the country, demand that the Government find solutions that guarantee the right to housing.

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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