Lagoa supports three associations defending animal welfare

This is an area that the municipality “has been promoting”

Lagoa City Council will support three associations defending animal welfare, an area in which the municipality “has been promoting”. 

The Municipality will celebrate collaboration and financial support protocols with Carvoeiro Cat Charity, an association that takes in 125 cats in shelters and supports 175 cats in street colonies (19.500 euros), with Aryel – Lagoa Animal Protection Association, which has 223 cats in shelters and 12 dogs, also supporting 175 cats in street colonies (23 thousand euros), and with Absol – Associação Beleza Solidária, which shelters 45 wild dogs belonging to existing packs in the municipality (18 thousand euros).

«This support signals two lines of force in what has become the orientation of the Municipality of Lagoa: the valorization of the work of the communities and associations existing in the municipality, which complement and enrich the work carried out by the municipality in the most varied areas, and the importance given to the reception and treatment of stray animals in Lagoa», says Luís Encarnação, president of the Chamber.