Joana Schenker secures 2nd place in the final stage of the bodyboard world championship

Algarve athlete finishes the championship in the top 4 in the world

Joana Schenker from Algarve finished in 2nd place in the last stage of the IBC World Bodyboarding Tour 2023, which took place on Saturday, in South Africa, and ends the championship in the top 4 in the world.

The athlete from Sagres finished the Walker Bay Pro behind Teresa Miranda, from the Canaries, who won the race. In the semi-finals, Joana eliminated the Japanese Sari Ohhara, the current World champion.

«I am very happy with this result and with the top 4 in the world. The conditions were quite difficult during the event, with rain and strong wind, but the organizers did a good job, managing to choose the best possible conditions, during one of the biggest swells of the last 10 years in South Africa. I have the world circuit as a priority and to be present at this event I had to make the decision to skip the European circuit stage in the Canaries. I made the right decision», considered Joana Schenker.


Walker Bay Pro final standings:

1st Teresa Miranda (Canaries).
2nd Joana Schenker (Portugal).
3rd Sari Ohhara (Japan).
3rd Maira Viana (Brazil).