Seniors with a Solidarity Supplement will receive an immediate 50% discount on medicines

Until now this discount was made through a refund request

Since today, September 25th, beneficiaries of the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly (CSI) have had an immediate 50% discount on the purchase of reimbursed medicines, the Government announced.

«With this change, introduced within the scope of the SIMPLEX program, beneficiaries of this support are automatically exempt from paying 50% of the portion not reimbursed in the price of medicines», states a joint statement from the government areas of Digitalization and Administrative Modernization, Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, and Health,

Until now this discount was made through a refund request.

From today onwards, users no longer have to present the invoice for the purchase of medicines at the health center, request Additional Health Benefits (50% discount on the portion of the price not reimbursed by the State), and wait for processing and payment of reimbursement, together with the pension and CSI.

The measure comes into force today in mainland Portugal and results from the application of electronic procedures that allow all covered people to have immediate and automatic access to the benefit.

In addition to support for medicines, the allocation of which becomes automatic at the time of purchase, CSI beneficiaries continue to have the right to reimbursement for expenses incurred with the purchase of glasses and lenses (75% of the expense, up to a limit of 100 euros , every two years) and with the purchase of removable dental prostheses (75% of the expense, up to a limit of 250 euros and, every three years).

These beneficiaries can also access, free of charge, dentist/stomatologist consultations, through the dentist voucher, from a list of oral health professionals available at the health center.