Government says it has created 9000 new free places in daycare centers in two months

Measure covers children born after September 1, 2021

The Government claims to have created 9000 new free places in daycare centers in the last two months, thanks to the ordinance to increase response capacity, with there currently being 85 thousand places overall, according to the Minister of Labor.

On the day in which the Creche Feliz measure, the network of free daycare centers, was launched one year ago, António Costa, Prime Minister, Ana Mendes Godinho, Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, and Ana Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for Inclusion , visited the daycare center at Centro Infantil António Marques da União Mutualista Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Montijo, and took stock of how free the daycare centers are.

This is a measure that covers children born after September 1, 2021, in addition to all children from families in the 1st and 2nd income brackets.

According to minister Ana Mendes Godinho, in the last two months, and thanks to the entry into force of the decree of 5th July, which allowed the maximum number of children per room to be increased and spaces previously dedicated to children to be converted, a further 9000 places were created .

“We tore up the traditional bureaucracy of complexity of authorizations for this to happen, transforming it into an automatic authorization, as long as the conditions of quality requirements for services to children are maintained, and with this ordinance we managed, in two months, 9000 new vacancies thanks to a simplification ordinance at the service of people”, pointed out the Minister of Labor.