Faro is the 4th district in the country with the most elderly people alone, Beja is the 6th

In 2022, 44.511 elderly people were identified as living alone and/or isolated or in a vulnerable situation, due to their physical and psychological condition

Elderly man in the Algarve mountains – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação (file)

The National Republican Guard (GNR) carries out, throughout the month of October, Operation “Senior Census 2023”, which aims to raise awareness among the elderly population about adopting self-protective security behaviors.

In a statement, the GNR said that, in the 2022 edition, 44.511 elderly people were identified as living alone and/or isolated, or in a vulnerable situation, due to their physical and psychological condition.

Vila Real was the district where the most elderly people were flagged with 5.353, followed by Guarda with 5.243, Viseu with 3.586, Faro with 3.527, Bragança with 3.411 and Beja with 3.346.

In Lisbon, 1.134 elderly people were flagged and in Porto 875.

The most vulnerable situations were, according to the GNR, reported to the competent entities, especially social support, in order to carry out future monitoring.

In the 2022 operation, the GNR also carried out 305 classroom actions and 3.017 “door-to-door” actions, covering a total of 26.527 elderly people.

This year's edition will feature around 400 soldiers from the guard, who will carry out actions across the country with the support of various local and national partners, falling within the period in which the celebration of the International Day of the Elderly takes place, which is marked on Sunday,

“The actions aim to favor proximity to the elderly population and those with greater vulnerability, and/or who live alone and/or isolated, reinforcing safety behaviors that reduce the risk of elderly people becoming victims of crimes, particularly in situations of violence , fraud and theft”, says the GNR.

This operation by the Guard, whose first edition was carried out in 2011, is part of the “Support 65 – Elderly in Security” program of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and aims to “guarantee better conditions of security and tranquility for elderly people, guaranteeing better policing integrated, closer and more human.”


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