“Studying where I can’t live”: Lack of housing marks the Freshman’s Parade

University of Algarve Freshmen's Parade took place this Tuesday, September 26th 


“Studying where I can’t live.” This and other phrases related to the lack of affordable housing for students marked this year's Freshmen's Parade at the University of Algarve, which took place this Tuesday, September 26th. 

In addition to the usual songs alluding to each course, with lots of excitement and euphoria, the students did not miss one of today's biggest problems: the lack of housing.

The theme had already marked the welcome session for new students. Record here what the rector, the president of the UAlg Academic Association and the Farense mayor said in relation to this problem.

The Freshmen Parade started from the Penha Campus and ended at Largo de São Francisco.


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