Carby helps Vela Solidária create the first Junior Inclusive Sailing Academy in Portugal

Carby joins Vela Solidária to include a sport for everyone

Photo: @Álvaro CvG

Developing the first Junior Inclusive Sailing Academy in Portugal is the main objective of the partnership between the Vela Solidária project and Carby, which have come together to grow and develop skills among people with and without disabilities. Basically, include through «a sport where everyone can fit».

Marina de Portimão, where Vela Solidária carries out most of its actions, was the place chosen to receive, during yesterday, September 6th, the public presentation of its most recent and ambitious partnership with Carby, a new brand of the JAP Group, which operates in the automotive sector and on the initiative of the Solidarity Association Coração JAP.

The partnership protocol between the two entities lasts for two years and marks, according to those responsible for the project, «the beginning of a new and challenging phase of evolution of the Vela Solidária project, of the Teia D'Impulsos association».

«Carby challenged Teia D'Impulsos and Vela Solidária to build a set of initiatives linked to inclusion», explained Luís Brito, president of Teia D'Impulsos.


Photo: @Álvaro CvG 


The objectives are «quite ambitious» but «we are very focused and fortunately we have a team and a group of spectacular volunteers», assured the association leader.

Thus, the first and main objective of this partnership is to develop the first Junior Inclusive Sailing Academy in Portugal.

Other goals are to include adapted sailing in the Algarve Dinghy Sailing Championship, participate with an inclusive team in three competitions in the Algarve Cruise Championship, as well as promote the integration of two people with disabilities into the boards of nautical companies annually.

In terms of assistance and volunteering, the two entities are supporting children and young people with disabilities with therapies, specialized equipment, medicines and hygiene goods and seek to integrate volunteers from Carby and Coração JAP into the Vela Solidária activities.

Henrique Champalimaud, responsible for Carby Algarve, explains that «this project is based on an idea, and all ideas take a lot of work to materialize, which is to make people grow and make it normal for kids to have more difficulties than others».

In his opinion, we have to make young people happy and that is only possible «if they know how to integrate those who are different because they will discover things that never crossed their minds».

This person in charge believes in the Vela Solidária project and underlines that «it is good that there are more people who believe that it is worth taking a gamble».


Photo: @Álvaro CvG 


Ricardo José, president of the Regional Sailing Association of the South and director of Marina de Portimão, took the opportunity to “thank Carby for praising this valuable construction that they transport and which, without a doubt, will bring good winds”.

For his part, the regional director of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ) Algarve, Custódio Moreno, added that «companies do not always have this sensitivity and responsibility of all, we also contribute to sport, which will always be a moment of inclusion and never of separation”.

To complement the signing of the protocol, around four dozen children and young people, with and without disabilities, were sailing on board and at the helm, there was an exhibition of Carby cars and an exclusive drink for guests.

The Vela Solidária project emerged in 2011 and to date has carried out close to 1.400 activities, with around 2.500 children involved and more than 600 people with disabilities.

In October of this year, in partnership with the Iate Clube Marina de Portimão and Marina de Portimão, it organizes the Adapted Sailing World Championship.


Photos: @Álvaro CvG


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