Câmara de Silves completed the requalification of Pêra’s “structuring arteries”

Works cost more than 1,3 million euros

Archive Image - Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Silves City Council has completed the urban requalification works on Rua Alexandre Herculano and a large part of Rua Almeida Garret, both «structuring arteries of the town of Pêra», announced the municipality.

The work, «one of the largest public works contracts» of those scheduled in the Municipal Budget, cost more than 1,3 million euros, «involving the complete remodeling of water supply, sanitation and rainwater drainage infrastructures , public lighting, telecommunications, urban solid waste, urban furniture, sidewalks and pavements».

«The work also included the repaving of Bairro das Fontainhas and Rua da Escola Velha», according to the Chamber of Silves.

The work carried out had «fundamental importance within the scope of the requalification of the urban center of Vila de Pêra, providing it with modern infrastructure, while at the same time contributing to the improvement of general well-being, strengthening its attractiveness and developing the local economy» .