Albufeira distributes 1,2 million euros in support for 27 clubs and athletes

Sports Development Program contracts were signed on the 5th

Albufeira City Council signed Sports Development Program Contracts worth a global value of more than one million euros with 27 agents from the municipality, including clubs, associations and individual motor sport athletes, in a ceremony that took place last Tuesday, the 5th. , in the Noble Hall of the Town Hall.

«In view of the positive results obtained from sports structures, the criteria were valued, which allowed a global amount of 1.232.735 euros to be reached», revealed the Albufeira Chamber, which explains that the agreements that were signed «define the terms of support for the entities sports facilities in the municipality, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of logistics, transport and facilities».

The funds that will be allocated by the municipality aim to “support the work of clubs in promoting sport, both in terms of training and occupying young people's free time, and in terms of competition”.

Program contracts were signed with the following associations and clubs: Imortal Desportivo Clube, Clube de Patinagem de Albufeira, Academia Desportiva e Cultural Praia da Falésia, Albufeira Futsal Clube, Associação LUEL – Arte em Movimento, Albufeira Surf Clube, Atlético Clube de Albufeira, Imortal Basket Club, Albufeira Basketball Club, ARPA – Albufeira Recreational Skating Association, Albufeira Martial Arts Club, Areias de São João Sports Club, Ferreiras Football Club, Guia Futebol Clube, Padernense Clube, Karate Clube Albufeira.

Contracts were also signed with individual motorsport athletes, namely with Renato Mendes, Miguel Romão, António Correia, Kevin Saraiva, Vasco Tintim, Francisco Barreto and João Luís.



José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, highlighted the importance of this investment in sport, especially in the area of ​​training, which «is fundamental at municipal level, as it is often in local clubs that new talents are sought out».

And this training goes beyond sport itself: «an athlete respects a coach more than, often and regrettably, a teacher in a classroom», continued the mayor, for whom sport is one of the great examples of social equality , since «everyone has the same equipment and is treated equally».

José Carlos Rolo also highlighted the importance of these contracts, immediately mentioning that «those who do not have friends and family in a sports club do not fully appreciate the weight that this support means in the lives of the athletes and the structures that support them».

«We have invested, since 2018, five million and 500 thousand euros in Sport. This is only in the last five years, along with infrastructure, transport, diesel support and logistical support, among others», he highlighted.

The mayor also said that he counts on everyone so that Albufeira's candidacy for European City of Sports 2026 is successful and warned of the need to include more young people in the social bodies of sports structures.

Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president and responsible for Sports, expressed his satisfaction with this “support that will allow the continuity of projects, namely support for more than three thousand athletes. These program contracts bear a high responsibility towards the Albufeirense community in terms of training and future paths for our youth».

The values ​​contained in the program contracts, explains the municipality, «are attributed based on criteria previously established by the Municipality, which are based on the following indicators: number of federated athletes, total number of practitioners, number of sports, levels and competitive level, number of coaches and level of training and sporting results achieved during the last year».

«In total, these 20 clubs together develop more than 25 different sports, covering 3610 athletes, of which 2692 are federated, guided by almost two hundred trainers and involving more than 2 thousand members in the community», according to the Chamber.