Afonso Cabral, Ana Lua Caiano and Chica give Concerts at Dusk in Faro, Sagres and Culatra

ArQuente Association concert cycle returns on Friday

The Evening Concerts will return to the island of Culatra, to the city of Faro and to Fortaleza de Sagres over the next three weekends and bring the music of Afonso Cabral, Ana Lua Caiano and Chica to the Algarve.

The shows of this Indie/Pop music cycle promoted by the ArQuente association, take place at 18:30 pm on Friday, at Largo da Igreja, on Ilha da Culatra, on Saturdays, at 19:00 pm, at Galeria Arco, in Faro, and on Sundays, at 17:30 pm, at Fortaleza de Sagres, the latter with the support of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture.

In this first weekend, the protagonist is Afonso Cabral, who will perform on Friday, the 8th, in Culatra, and on the 10th, in Sagres. Exceptionally, and due to the holding of Festival F in Vila-Adentro de Faro, the usual concert at Galeria Arco does not take place, as the courtyard of the space that serves as ArQuente's headquarters becomes one of the event's stages.

Afonso Cabral, known as the lead singer of You Can't Win, Charlie Brown, performs in this concert solo, voice and guitar. 'Morada' is his first album under his own name and in Portuguese, later recorded live at the Centro Cultural de Belém. The Culatra concert will feature a special guest, Pedro Branco, also a musician from the You Can't Win, Charlie Brown.


Photo: Duarte Baltazar


The following weekend (September 15th, 16th and 17th), sunset will be accompanied by Ana Lua Caiano, «a project that explores the fusion of traditional Portuguese music with electronic music and everyday sounds», according to ArQuente, in a one women show, supported by a synthesizer, a loop station, a microphone, a bass drum and various percussive instruments. The themes of his most recent EP “Cheguei Tarda a Yesterday” “will certainly be part of the repertoire”.

The closing of this year's Sunset Concert Cycle is the responsibility of the Chica project, which will perform as a duo, with Bá Álvares on double bass, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September.

«Chica brings us a sound between folk and jazz, with lyrics written in the shadow of the disenchantment that comes with reaching adulthood. “Each one in her hole” is the name of her first EP», describe the cycle’s organizers.

Concerts at Sunset have the support of the Municipality of Faro, of the Parish Union of Faro and the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture. In addition, it has a partnership with the Residents Association of Ilha da Culatra and the support of the restaurant Tertúlia Algarvia and the insurance company Falcão Marques Seguros.

As communication partners, ArQuente and Concerts ao Entardecer count on the Sul Informação and RUA FM – Rádio Universitária do Algarve.

For reservations, purchasing tickets and obtaining more information, contact ArQuente via email [email protected].


Dates, Times and Places of Concerts:
Afonso Cabral8 September (18:30 pm) – Ilha da Culatra
10 September (17:30) – Fortress of Sagres

Ana Lua Caiano

15 September (18:30 pm) – Ilha da Culatra
September 16th (19 pm) – Arco Gallery, Faro
17 September (17:30) – Fortress of Sagres


22 September (18:30 pm) – Ilha da Culatra
September 23th (19 pm) – Arco Gallery, Faro
24 September (17:30) – Fortress of Sagres



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