100 students celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day in Silves

This Tuesday, September 20th

The Municipality of Silves celebrated today, September 20th, International Coastal Cleanup Day with an action on Fisherman's beach in Armação de Pêra, which was attended by close to 100 students. 

The 4th year students from the Silves School Group (School EB1 de Silves, EB1 de Portela and EB1 de São Marcos) were also joined by Rosa Palma, president of the Municipal Council of Silves, António José Correia from the Oceano Azul Foundation and Luísa Conduto Luís, councilor for the Education Department of the Chamber.

The initiative was part of the “Oceano Educar para uma generation azul” project, developed by the Oceano Azul Foundation and the Oceanário de Lisboa, in partnership with other entities and Municipalities.

The celebrations of International Coastal Cleanup Day had the support of the Association for Marine Conservation and Bioacoustics (SOMMAR), on the 20th, and will have the support of technicians from the Live Science Centers of Faro on the next 22th.

«The cleaning action aims to promote the existence of a generation with greater knowledge, awareness and capable of making more responsible decisions regarding the ocean», says the municipality.

On September 22nd, the 4th year classes from schools EB2,3 João de Deus and EB1 de Amorosa will participate.