September begins with an open day at the archaeological excavations of Alferce Castle

Open day to show everyone the results of four years of archaeological excavations

Archaeological excavations in progress on the Alferce Castle hill – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The archaeological excavations taking place at Cerro do Castelo de Alferce, in the Monchique mountains, promote this Friday, September 1st, their day open to the public, offering guided tours of the excavations and lectures on the subject.

Guided tours will take place from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm, while in the afternoon, from 16:00 pm, in the multipurpose space of the Parish of Alferce, there will be five lectures on the castle and the ongoing archaeological intervention, followed by a debate.

The opening session will feature Paulo Alves, Mayor of Monchique, José Manuel Gonçalves, President of the Parish Council of Alferce, and municipal archaeologist Fábio Capela.

“Alferce Castle and the settlement of Garb al-Andalus in emiral times” is the theme of the first lecture, given by Susana Goméz Martínez, archaeologist at the Mértola Archaeological Field and professor at the University of Évora/CEAACP.

Municipal archaeologist Fábio Capela will then address the topic of “Cerro do Castelo de Alferce: balance of the ongoing research project”.

This is followed by José Vinagre, from the University of Évora, who will speak about “New data on the Islamic occupation of Alferce Castle”.

The fourth lecture, on «The Islamic table in Alferce: a perspective on the food of the past», will be given by archaeologists Humberto Veríssimo and Beatriz Pinto, from the University of Algarve / CEAACP.

Finally, Daniela Maio, archaeologist hired by the Monchique Council and member of the ICAREHB of the University of Algarve, will lead the public “Along the paths of Prehistory”.

All these activities are free entry.




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