João de Brito: «My house is the A2»

Interview with the actor, who completes in 2023 twenty years of a career between the Algarve and Lisbon

João de Brito, born and raised in Faro, is marking 20 years of an acting career linked to theatre, television, cinema, commercials, staging and production.

As he tells in this interview with Sul Informação, his career began «by chance», at Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira, in the Algarve capital. He lost an economist, gained an actor.

With a career always between the Algarve and Lisbon, João de Brito jokingly says that his home is the A2 motorway…What interests him, he assures, is to keep that bridge between the two regions always open.

In the midst of the new adventure of being a father, he is now preparing a new work, with Sandro William Junqueira, a co-production with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, which will premiere in Faro, in November.

Is it easy for an actor from the Algarve to succeed in Lisbon and nationally?

See and hear João de Brito's answer. And also get to know his projects.



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