Liberal Initiative chooses Armação de Pêra to make the political rentrée

Party will be attended by Rui Rocha, president of the party

The Liberal Initiative (IL) will make its return politics on Saturday, the 12th of August, at the Armação de Pêra Fortress, at 19 pm, at a party that will feature live music, animation, open-air dinner and a speech by Rui Rocha, president of the party.

“The Alternative is Liberal” is the motto of the liberals' political rally, which will have “as a high point” a speech by Rui Rocha, scheduled for 21:45 pm, according to IL.

In focus will be some current hot topics, such as the tax burden, which «reaches successive records», the inquiry into the TAP process, a process «without any accountability» and the alleged «political impunity» and degradation «of public services and institutions ».