Fire in Monchique is already under resolution

Fire broke out in a "complicated" location, in the Chilrão area, on the north slope of Fóia

The fire that raged since 15:24 pm today, August 15th, in the Chilrão area, on the north slope of Fóia, in Monchique, entered the resolution phase at around 17:20 pm.

Although, as revealed to the Sul Informação Paulo Alves, Mayor of Monchique, the fire started «in a complicated area», the flames were put out relatively quickly, not least because of the large amount of aerial (11) and operational (239) resources that were mobilized, in a short space of time. time to fight the fire.

At the moment, consolidation is being carried out by 214 operators, supported by 65 vehicles and 10 air vehicles.


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