GNR detains 18 people for trafficking and seizes thousands of doses of hashish in the Algarve

In operations carried out in different locations in the Algarve over the course of a week

The GNR arrested 113 people in the week between 31 July and 6 August, in the Algarve, most of them for driving under the influence of alcohol, as part of various operations to prevent and combat violent crime and road inspection, among others.

In addition to 41 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol, the GNR also highlights the 19 arrested for driving without a license and the 18 arrests for drug trafficking.

In terms of seizures, 4666 doses of hashish and 227 doses of cocaine stand out, in addition to six mobile phones, five precision scales, three cannabis plants, two brass knuckles, a machete, a karamit knife and a vehicle.

In operations, 683 traffic violations were detected, including 116 for speeding, 60 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 33 for improper use of the mobile phone while driving, 27 related to anomalies in the lighting and signaling systems, 24 due to lack of insurance and 18 due to missing or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems.

Last week, 221 accidents were recorded, resulting in one death and 31 minor injuries.