Ukrainian community of Lagoa marks Independence Day at FATACIL

Event is promoted by ID-humana Community Center

Natalka Korzh and Timofey Shevchenko – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Ukrainian community marks tomorrow, August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine at FATACIL, in Lagoa.

The event is promoted by the Centro de Comunidades ID-humana, based in Lagoa, and begins at 20 pm with a silent walk from the main gate of the festivities to the ID-humana Space «in memory of those who suffered» in Russia’s war against the Ukraine.

This is followed by speeches by Natalka Korzh, president of ID-humana, and Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa, as well as the «symbolic construction of the ID-humana and blessing Community Centre».

Everything will end around 20:30, with the Ukrainian national anthem.

ID-humana, which intends to establish itself as an association, has the «long-term» objective of «acquiring land» or reusing «an abandoned building» to provide «accommodation and social services to displaced children and families who flee conflict", not only in Ukraine but in other parts of the world.

According to those responsible for ID-humana, «the plan is to transform the space into a rehabilitation center for survivors».

To do so, they are looking for “support from like-minded, values-based donors and funders who wish to contribute to an equitable, decolonized, community-led movement for effective and sustainable responses to refugees”.

If you want to contribute, here are the contacts: 932495322 and 962325862. You can also follow the human ID on Facebook, by clicking here.




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