«Vila Inclusiva» opens grocery store and social store in Vila Real de Santo António

Its mission is to help needy families in the county by creating a new local structure of social support.

The «Vila Inclusiva» project, which includes a grocery store and a social store, has just been inaugurated on lot 46 of the industrial zone of Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA), with the mission of helping needy families in the county.

The initiative was developed by the Municipality of VRSA and the VRSA Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross and results from the approval of the application for the 2022 Solidarity Prize, promoted by BPI Fundação «La Caixa».

The space was inaugurated this Monday, with the ceremony attended by the mayor Álvaro Araújo, who said that this is "a way of dignifying and giving due importance to social support".

«We have to give answers and support those in need, but we must do it with dignity. We understand that social support should be free and that the municipality's facilities should be at the service of people», added the mayor.

In this sense, the Vila Inclusiva project includes a grocery store and a social store to support families residing in the municipality, in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability, thus facilitating access to essential goods such as food, childcare articles, hygiene products, clothing or technical aids.

«People will be signaled by the municipality, which will also define a credit limit for the cards to be delivered, according to the specific needs of each situation», explained Manuel Marrafa, director of the Red Cross Delegation of VRSA, responsible for the project.

This measure is tailored to each family, who must manage their own credit, according to their real needs.


opening hours
The Social Store will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 14 pm to 00 pm, and the Social Grocery Store on Tuesdays and Thursdays, also from 17 pm to 00 pm. Both are closed on weekends and holidays.

What is the «Inclusive Village» project?
«Vila Inclusiva» was one of the projects awarded the 2022 Solidarity Prize, promoted by BPI Fundação «La Caixa», here represented by Mário Gama, commercial director of Centro Institucional Sul.«This is a very well-structured project, which includes a very important factor, which is financial literacy. People must always be at the center of our concerns, because social cohesion is the pillar for a structured society", he said.