Vila do Bispo distributes 163 euros to the parish councils of the municipality

Protocols have already been signed

The Town Hall of Vila do Bispo signed protocols with the Parish Councils of the municipality to grant financial and logistical support with a global value of 163 thousand euros, on the 18th of July.

This amount will be distributed among the four Parish Councils, «with criteria and evaluations agreed between all parties», and will allow these municipalities to deepen «their mission of supporting the local populations».

Of that amount, around 68 euros «were calculated based on the rules of the Financing Fund for Parishes (FFF) and took into account criteria such as population density, number of inhabitants and the area of ​​the Parish, thus promoting greater equity».

«Thus, the Parish Council of Barão de São Miguel receives 9.962,60 euros, that of Budens 17.128,00 euros, that of Sagres 15.683,40 euros and that of Vila do Bispo and Raposeira 25.892,00 euros. These values ​​are intended to cover the current expenses of the Parishes within the scope of their competences and attributions for the year 2023, thus mitigating the insufficiency of the funds allocated by the Central Administration, through the Financial Equilibrium Fund», according to the Vila do Bispo Council.

The remaining amount, 95 thousand euros, is also intended for all parishes and will be distributed as follows: Barão de São Miguel receives 20 thousand euros and the remaining parishes 25 thousand euros each.

«These supports are intended for expenses with activities/initiatives that promote the local development of the respective parishes», adds the municipality.

The established protocol also defines the attribution of a job-insertion and insertion-more contract grant, including insurance, meal allowance and transport for a maximum of four beneficiaries, «in order to enable the Parish Councils to insert people in a situation unemployment and subsidy beneficiaries, thus reducing the social and economic difficulties experienced in the county».

It was also defined that the City Council will provide logistical support in the organization of activities and events promoted by the respective Parish Councils.

«Ensuring that the attributions and competences of the Parish Councils are fully assured, promoting the quality of life of the population residing in them, through the attribution of support to boost their economic and social development are some of the objectives of these protocols», he concluded the Town Hall of Vila do Bispo.