Uxu Kalhus, Marco Rodrigues and Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve bring music to Tavira

Summer in Tavira continues until September

Praça da República, in Tavira, continues to host, between 26 July and 3 September, at 22 pm, traditional music shows, fado, opera, folklore, a tribute to Amália Roidrigues, jazz, classical, dance, performances. The strong cultural program is part of the summer in Tavira.


Day 25: Concert by Rui Vaz
(Santiago Day)

Day 26: Dance at Academia de Música de Tavira

From the 27th to the 30th: Popular Inatel – Itinerant Festival
27: Siricaia | 28: Uxu Kalhus | 29: Lavoisier | 30: Marco Rodrigues

Day 03: 281 TVR – Osmosis

Day 04: Pedro Flores

Day 05: Lyric Gala – Trip to the Opera

Day 06: Folklore Ranch of Tavira

Day 08: Homage to Amália Rodrigues
Fadistas: Teresa Viola, Pedro Viola, Helena Candeias, Sara Gonçalves and Melissa Simplício
Musicians: Gonçalo Rosa, José Pinto, Virgílio Tecla, Nélson Conceição and André Conde

Day 10: CIA D'Dance

Day 11: Algarve Jazz Orchestra

Day 12: Maré- Maritime lives and songs
A tribute show to the life and hard work of fishermen and fishing communities across the country, through music, videography and Portuguese literature.
Day 13: Autumn Harvest

Day 16: 281 TVR – GIGGY

Day 17: Orquestra do Algarve

Day 18: Ballroom dancing with Sociedade Recreativa Musical Luzense

Day 19: Buba Espinho

Day 20: Santo Estêvão Folklore Ranch

Day 24: 281 TVR – Singing Poets

Day 25: Mario Lucio and the Kriols

Day 26: Elis & Elas – Tribute to Elis Regina with Sara Badalo

Day 27: Rancho Folclorico da Luz de Tavira

Day 30: Tomas Basso and Amos Lora

Day 31: Monda


Day 01: Philharmonic Bands Day
Musical Band of Tavira / Inatel

Day 02: Luís Guilherme sings Marco Paulo

Day 03: Pearls of Gilão