It is also the talk that celebrates the roof terraces in Faro

Açoteia Talks is one of the activities that make up the Faro Rooftop Festival

Em Faro, the terraces are celebrated with music, animation, but also with conversations, which will bring national and international specialists to the former Chocolate café, in Praça da Pontinha, from today, Thursday, the 6th, and Saturday, the 8, always between 18:00 and 18:45.

This Thursday, the guests of “Açoteia Talks”, which takes place within the scope of Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival, will be Teresa Valente, architect of the Municipality of Faro, who will speak on “A place closer to heaven – conversation around the discovery of a new urban space”, and Vítor Marques, from the company CRPRO, who will reflect on the theme “Açoteias: Its importance for comfort, sustainability and health of the buildings. Pathologies, diagnosis and solutions”.

On the 7th, the first guest is Mathias Onzia, from the Municipality of Antwerp, who will give the presentation “Creating a community-based future vision for European roofscapes of the ECRN-network”.

This is followed, on the same day, by the contribution of Gonçalo Guerra, Porto Business School, who will speak on “Sustainable Equilibrium at Porto Business School”.

The Açoteias Talks will end on Saturday with interventions by Léon van Geest, from Rotterdam Rooftopdays (“Rooftop Rollercoaster”) and Filipe Paixão, from Corpo Atelier (“5ª Fachada”).

In the same place where these talks will take place, the exhibition “Catalogue Açoteia”, which was edited for the festival of terraces in Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam and the architecture office MRVD of this city, will be on display.