Municipality of Tavira supports Association of Shipowners and Fishermen

Annual support from the Câmara de Tavira to APTAV is 12 thousand euros

The Council of Tavira signed a collaboration protocol with the Association of Shipowners and Fishermen of Tavira (APTAV) with a view to support the activity of this association, in the amount of 12 thousand euros per year. 

Considering the importance of the fishing sector in the municipality's economic activity and the fact that it is a way of life and survival for many families, the Municipality decided to support this association which is based on «defending the interests of its class, maintaining contact and links with national and international structures in the sector with a view to learning lessons, as well as creating working, hygiene, safety and equipping conditions for vessels».

«In this sense, APTAV demonstrates an active and interested participation in the defense of the legitimate rights and aspirations of its professional community, namely, in terms of innovation, competitiveness and national affirmation», refers to the municipality.

With the support of 12 euros, APTAV is thus responsible for maintaining the association's activity and attracting members for associativism, contributing with knowledge, human, technical and material means for the promotion of initiatives, collaborating with the Municipality in the organization of events promoted in this domain and promote awareness actions on environmental practices among associates.