Environment Minister inaugurates Zoomarine Wastewater Recycling and Reuse

Wastewater Recycling and Reuse System includes a tertiary (biological) treatment plant and will be one of the first in the country

The Minister for the Environment and Climate Action will chair, next Saturday, July 15th, the inauguration of the Wastewater Recycling and Reuse System, associated with the Albufeira Poente WWTP.

This new equipment, promoted in close partnership with Águas do Algarve, represents an investment of more than 130 thousand euros, and «will place Zoomarine in one of the top places, at national level, in this type of dynamics in favor of Environmental Sustainability», points out Élio Vicente, Director of Conservation and Institutional Relations at that park.

This Wastewater Recycling and Reuse System includes a tertiary (biological) treatment plant and will be one of the first in the country.

«It was four years in development, having started with a strategic study led by Profª Maria João Rosa and her team, assigned to LNEC – National Laboratory of Civil Engineering», adds Élio Vicente.

Through this new operation, annual savings of many hundreds of thousands of liters of water are expected for watering gardens, nurseries and the like.

In 2014, Zoomarine had already invested in the construction of a 4,7 kilometer pipeline that allows the capture (and later return) of sea water.

With the new system, water savings are now made not only in terms of salt water (for zoological habitats, rehabilitation centre, public swimming pools and slides), but now also in terms of fresh water (watering gardens and similar ).

«Soon, the reinforcement of the use of rainwater will allow Zoomarine to have an even smaller environmental footprint».

The inauguration of the new system will take place on Saturday, starting at 15 pm, and will be chaired by Minister Duarte Cordeiro.

Representatives of various entities will also be present, namely António Eusébio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Algarve SA («a fundamental and enthusiastic partner of Zoomarine in this process)», José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of Albufeira, as well as representatives the ICNF – Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests and the APA – Portuguese Environment Agency.

«This will be a remarkable day for the Algarve – because every drop counts… And it does count! Especially when they have a “second chance at life”, and because all the drops, united, make rivers, lakes and oceans, filling our collective future with hope and green – because “Together, We Protect”, because “Together We Protect ”!», concludes Élio Vicente.