JSD/Quarteira was reactivated with André Ribeiro as president

Structured was stopped for about a year

André Ribeiro was elected, last Saturday, July 22nd, president of the Social Democratic Youth (JSD) of the Nucleus of Quarteira, in elections that represented the reactivation of this structure. 

After a year off, JSD/Quarteira will also have Vânia Alegre as vice-president, João Bernardo as general secretary and the members Rodrigo Germano, Afonso Godinho and Diogo Cabrita.

In a statement, the new team says that it "promises to create, develop and coordinate policies that allow greater integration and interest of young people from Quarteira to matters related to higher education, the environment and politics".

«A parish or municipality that does not present policies dedicated to young people, not ensuring their attraction or capture, is a land with no future. Quarteira's JSD thus emerges as an engine for transforming the current scenario", he concludes.