Grain dinner, stewed rooster, maize porridge: “Mountain delights” return to Cortelha

Entrance is free

Grain dinner, stewed rooster with potatoes, maize porridge, wild boar and mountain sausage. The village of Cortelha, in the interior of the municipality of Loulé, hosts, on the 5th of August, another edition of “Manjares Serranos”. 

«The “Delicacies” are the most genuine example of the knowledge and flavors of the interior of the municipality of Loulé, having achieved a prominent place over the years and assuming themselves as a true meeting of the different delicacies and dishes that are the identity of the gastronomy of the Serra do Caldeirão», says the Association of Friends of Cortelha that organizes the event.

The Taberna dos Manjares Serranos, in the Polidesportivo da Cortelha, opens at 18 pm, and traditional Portuguese music will begin to be heard in the enclosure with Marco Campaniça, at 00 pm “Marco Campaniça”.

At 21:00, the Folklore Festival will begin, marking the 20th anniversary of the Ethnographic Group of Serra do Caldeirão and which will have as guests the Folkloric Ranch “Os Camponeses de São Francisco”, from Alcochete and the Folkloric Ranch of Viegas, from Santarém .

At 23:00, there will be a dance with Luis Filipe Frances.

«We are very honored to carry out, yet another year, these Serrano Delicacies that have brought to the interior of the Algarve, in the middle of August, many outsiders and visitors. It is a great source of pride for us to enhance and promote knowledge of the interior of the Algarve. I would like to see a full house again», says Rui Marcos, president of the Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha.

Admission is free.

The event is organized by the Association of Friends of Cortelha, with the support of Loulé City Council, Salir Parish Council and the Padre João Coelha Cabanita School Group.