Eurocity of Guadiana launches program to spread cross-border employment

Radio program and newsletter aim to disseminate the specialized cross-border employment services of the Andalusia-Algarve cross-border EURES project. 

The Eurocity of Guadiana is launching a radio program and a newsletter to disseminate the specialized cross-border employment services of the cross-border EURES Andalusia-Algarve project. 

The issue will thus disclose the characteristics of this project and will present the offer of services that can be provided to companies and workers who develop their work activity within the scope of the border.

The objective of these two actions is to increase the visibility of EURES and be able to reach a higher number of workers and companies that carry out their activity in the cross-border area of ​​southern Europe.

«People who live in one region and work in another, those who cross the border to work every day or companies that operate in the border area, face a set of additional difficulties that the specialized cross-border employment service intends to help solve», says the Note project.

The EURES Andalusia – Algarve service thus develops a wide calendar of activities co-financed by the European Union with the aim of favoring employment and labor transparency between both labor markets, given that it is about promoting fair mobility by promoting knowledge of job and professional opportunities in both regions.

EURES Cross-border Andalusia-Algarve is led by the Andalusian Employment Service and the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training together with the main social and economic agents in the border territory.

The radio communication actions and the newsletter are coordinated by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation – Eurocity of Guadiana, which participates as a partner in the project.