ANAFRE joins the UAL Arbitration Center to provide better free justice to the population

Conflicts covered may be of a family nature, consumption, neighborhood, work, administrative, in a sports context or the provision of health services

The National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE) and the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL) signed a protocol to allow ANAFRE members to access the Arbitration Center of that university institution (CAUAL), with the aim of «offering a free, efficient solution and fair settlement of disputes'.

This initiative aims to «promote social peace and raise the quality of services provided to the parishes», emphasize its promoters.

Recognizing the populations' growing need for an extrajudicial resolution of disputes, UAL and ANAFRE thus provide the population residing in the associated parishes with a new service at no cost to the citizen.

The conflicts covered by the CAUAL can be related to family, consumption, neighbourhood, work, administrative, sports and healthcare services.

The conflict mediation service will preferably be provided at the headquarters of CAUAL, in Lisbon, but taking into account the territorial scope of ANAFRE, it may be done by videoconference or, exceptionally, at the premises of the Parish.

By establishing this partnership, ANAFRE and the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa reaffirm their commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of justice.

ANAFRE has a total of 3000 associated parishes, representing around 8 million citizens who, from now on, have access to an Arbitration Center for conflict resolution.

CAUAL intends to promote the resolution of national and cross-border consumer disputes, in addition to conflicts arising from other areas, such as, for example, disputes in a hospital context.

CAUAL has a list of referees with relevant experience and extensive knowledge of the subjects to be covered, practically all of whom are professors and researchers at the Autonomous University of Lisbon.