Tiago Bettencourt and Banda Musical Castromarinense come together to celebrate Municipality Day

The program starts on the eve of the holiday, the 23rd

Castro Marim will celebrate Municipality Day, on the 24th of June, with a concert, at 22:00, by Tiago Bettencourt with Banda Musical Castromarinense.

The program begins on the eve of the holiday, the 23rd, with the presentation of the works developed this year by the University of Free Time of Castro Marim – «Ofícios e Chapéus c'Arte» -, at 18:00, in the Local Market. This is followed, at 20:00, by the traditional Arraial de São João, in Praça 1º de Maio.

Sardines kick off the festivities, but the highlight is the awarding of the prizes for the XXI Mast Contest, one of the traditions in Castro Marim that relies on the work and dedication of various local associations and clubs.

Municipality Day, on the 24th of June, starts at 9 am, with the Raising of the Flag and Arruada by the Castromarinense Musical Band. This is followed by a mass at the Igreja Matriz de N. Sra. dos Mártires, and the formal session, open to the public, will take place at the Municipal Library of Castro Marim, at 00:11 am.

The celebrations continue into the night, but already on the stage of the Revelin de St. António, with a concert by Tiago Bettencourt with the Banda Musical Castromarinense, which also marks the start of the band's centenary celebrations.