Tavira celebrates City Day with openings

Festivities begin at 10:30 am

The Council of Tavira will celebrate City Day, 24 June, with a series of inaugurations of works, such as Rua Capitão Jorge Ribeiro (Cabanas), the Compromisso Marítimo building (Tavira) and the Núcleo Museológico de São José (Núcleo Museológico de São José ( Santa Casa da Misericórdia).

The celebrations begin at 10:30 am, with the hoisting of the flags, in the Town Hall, followed, at 11:00 am, by the solemn session that contemplates the distinction of 19 workers with medals of good services and silver grade dedication (30 years of service ) and eight employees with good service medals and copper grade dedication (20 years of service).

The city hall also pays homage, through the attribution of a medal of municipal merit (silver and copper), to 13 citizens and local entities that have distinguished themselves, in society, for their career.

At 15 pm, Cabanas will inaugurate the renovation work on Rua Capitão Jorge Ribeiro, for around 00 million euros.

This is followed, at 16 pm, in Tavira, by the inauguration of the work on the Compromisso Marítimo building, which resulted in a global investment of 00 thousand euros. The intervention included, among other works, the structural reinforcement of the building, the execution of a new roof, as well as the alteration of the electrical and telecommunications installation.

At 17 pm, the inauguration of the Núcleo Museológico de São José and the exhibition Hospital do Espírito Santo – Tavira Caritativa takes place, in an initiative of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Tavira that intends to enhance the historical memory of this building.

The project consists of a permanent exhibition with a pole of temporary exhibitions that highlights all the areas of action of the partner institutions in order to cover the different facets of the Hospital.