Portimão Museum hosts exhibition with sculptures and installations by Saint Silvestre

Exhibition is open until August 27

The Portimão Museum will inaugurate, on the 24th of June, at 17 pm, an exhibition by António Saint Silvestre under the motto “Teatro da Vida”, which is based on sculptures and installations by the internationally recognized creator.

Saint Silvestre was born in colonialist Africa, grew up in Portugal, under the Salazar dictatorship, spent part of his youth in Angola, traveled the world and began to create artistically in Paris, where he held his first solo exhibition in 1987. He has participated in group shows since 1983 , who revealed their art in several European cities and also in the United States of America and Japan.

A self-taught Baroque artist, he came into close contact with the art world in the French capital, where he began to exhibit his first works individually, before opening an art gallery, encouraged by friends and admirers.

From there, he created a world of small characters who, under their bright colors and childlike air, express in a serious and sad way the pain in the world.

In a note, the Câmara de Portimão explains that its sculptures and installations «have an acute vision of everyday life, a current situation that appears, more than it shows, through the tiny details that characterize the critical-sarcastic sense of this “contemporary Molière”, as someone once called him".

The exhibition “Teatro da Vida” can be visited until the 27th of August, on Tuesdays, from 14 pm to 30 pm and from Wednesday to Sunday from 18 am to 00 pm until the 10st of July.

During the month of August, the opening hours are on Tuesdays from 19 pm to 30 pm, from Wednesday to Saturday from 23 pm to 00 pm and on Sundays from 13 pm to 00 pm.