Antique agricultural tools and utensils on display at Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão

Starting this Tuesday, June 13

The permanent exhibition “Objetos do Quotidiano Rural” will show, from this Tuesday, June 13th, the old agricultural tools and utensils, at the Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão. 

The objects were donated by the Mexilhoeira Grande community and treated and preserved by the Portimão Museum team, now allowing us to recall part of human history, the evolution of agriculture and the human ingenuity that led to the creation of various tools and utensils that helped with tasks daily, from the first implements, which used animal and human traction force, through the transition from manual work to mechanization.

«This entire evolutionary process, which has taken place over the last millennia, has allowed for an increase in productivity, energy savings, optimization of results and the intensification of the means of production, and has improved the quality of life of rural communities, with a marked development of machinery used following the two great wars fought in the first half of the XNUMXth century», reinforces the Municipality of Portimão.

This exhibition, which is part of the commemoration program for the 50th Anniversary of the 25th of April in Portimão, aims to make the public aware of a little bit of the history of implements, agricultural tools and everyday objects of rural communities in the region, some of which are still used today, assisting farmers in their mission to provide quality food and products for themselves and others.