60 people from the interior of the municipality of Loulé learn how to act in the face of a rural fire

This year, exercises were carried out in 10 villages

In April and May, the “Safe Village Safe People” Program brought together 60 people from the interior of the municipality of Loulé, to make them more resilient, providing them with tools and information that allow them to adopt preventive behaviours, but also self-protection measures in the face of a rural fire. 

Similar to what has happened in recent years, the Municipal Civil Protection, Security and Forestry Service carried out simulation exercises, but also awareness-raising actions in the settlements where the program is implemented.

All activities were carried out with the presence of the various Organic Units of the Municipality, namely the Division of Cohesion and Social Intervention, the Division of Transport and Workshops, Loulé Municipal Firefighters, Red Cross and GNR.

This year, exercises were carried out in 10 villages – Penina, Malhão, Cortelha, Espargal, Sarnadas, Sobradinho, Freixo Seco, Águas Frias, Vale da Rosa and Vermelhos – and, according to the municipality, a new “ Aldeia Segura”, in Vale Maria Dias.

At the sites, fictitious scenarios were created that made it possible to practice procedures, some relevant concepts in the event of a rural fire were also addressed, such as the evacuation kit, the role and skills of the security officer, the difference between collective shelter and collective refuge or containing an evacuation map.

«Although not the entire population has participated in the activities, subsequently the "word of mouth" will allow all inhabitants to be aware of the self-protection procedures in case of need to evacuate the agglomeration», believes the Loulé municipality.

“Many of the successful responses that have occurred in the past in emergency situations have resulted from training. Therefore, these activities are one of the focuses of our work in terms of civil protection. On the other hand, in an area where the vast majority of the population is elderly and lives in isolation, the program is of particular importance in reaching out to these people», consider the municipal officials.