Albufeira implements new measures to «improve safety for motorists and pedestrians»

In different parts of cities

«Road Safety is a constant concern and a priority for the Municipality, which recently implemented new measures with the aim of improving the safety of motorists and pedestrians», announces José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of Albufeira.

For this purpose, the municipality made several interventions in the road network, namely the placement of bollards on the road axes, on the guides and in the crossing areas on Avenida dos Descobrimentos, Avenida 12 de Julho and Avenida 25 de Abril, in Ferreiras, Estrada de Albufeira, Rua de Santa Eulália and Estrada de Vale Pedras.

In addition, bollards were placed at various junctions, such as at the exit from Rua Oliveira Martins to Rua José Fontana, in order to prevent the left-turn manoeuvre, taking into account the lack of visibility of the junction, which jeopardized the safety of those who It circulates there, on Avenida dos Descobrimentos, more specifically at the junction with Avenida do Ténis, with a view to reducing the speed of vehicles, avoiding skids that regularly occurred in that location.

There are also plans to place bollards on Estrada de Vale Pedras, at the junction with Avenida da Correeira, «with the aim of preventing left-turning manoeuvres, which currently cause serious constraints».



Bumps were placed next to the crosswalks, as well as in places where speeding vehicles were frequently detected.

According to the municipality, «in order to safeguard the safety of pedestrians, raised crosswalks were also installed in several places in the county, with particular focus on urban areas».

Pavement markers/“cat eyes” were placed next to the crosswalks to increase visibility for motorists and pedestrians, especially at night.

Another of the measures implemented was the painting of continuous lines along the road axis, with a view to preventing left turns, whenever there is a roundabout nearby, in order to avoid traffic congestion.