Loulé once again gives “Vivas” to the Sovereign Mother

This year, in addition to the Church of S. Francisco, the image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade will also be in the Matrix, recently renovated

The Festa Pequena da Mãe Soberana takes place this Easter Sunday, April 9, in Loulé. The image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade will descend to the city and, this year, in addition to the Church of S. Francisco, will also be in the Matrix, recently renovated. 

At 17 pm this Sunday, the patron saint descends to the Church of S. Francisco, with eight men dressed in white opas leading the litter.

From the 10th to the 19th of April, the church of São Francisco hosts various liturgical moments and will also be open to the prayers of the faithful.

On the 12th, at 21 pm, the communication designer from Loulé, Andreia Pintassilgo, will present the new graphic identity of Mãe Soberana, with which the intention was to create a uniform image for this festivity.

One of the cultural moments of Mãe Soberana's program is the final concert of the old days of the Conservatório de Música de Loulé “Professor Francisco Rosado”, on 15 April at 18.

At 19 pm, at the same time, the lecture “Worship and spirituality of Senhora da Piedade” will be presented by the parish priest of Loulé, Carlos Aquino.

Sport and physical activity are associated with this program and, once again, the Mother Sovereign Grand Prix takes place. It will take place on the 21st of April, starting at 15 pm, with departure and arrival at Largo de S. Francisco.

But this day, the 21st, also marks a novelty in these festivities.

At 21:00, a solemn procession will begin, promoted by religious, civil and social institutions, which will take the image of the Patroness to the Mother Church of Loulé.

Recently rehabilitated, after extensive restoration work, the Mother Church will receive the “presence” of Nossa Senhora da Piedade until she returns to her chapel on the 23rd.

If in previous years the festivities were only associated with the Church of S. Francisco, this year the organization decided to also include the Matriz, even as a way of showing the recovery of this ex-libris of Loulé's religious heritage.

On Saturday the 22nd, at 21, the Eucharist promoted by young people will take place here, presided over by D. José Alves, Archbishop Emeritus of Évora. At 00 pm, the usual blessing for the Clube Hípico de Loulé takes place this year at Largo da Matriz, with the riders paying their respects to the patron saint.

The Big Party takes place on the 23rd.

At 10:00 am, the solemn mass, this year at the Igreja Matriz, marks the start of a day full of emotions for the faithful and many non-believers in Loulé. The procession continues to Largo do Monumento Engº Duarte Pacheco, where, at 16 pm, an open-air mass and consecration to Our Lady are celebrated.

Then begins the great procession that will travel through the main streets of the city and climb the image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade to the Sanctuary.

The fireworks display at the end of the night puts an end to the Sovereign Mother celebrations.