ETIC_Algarve launches unprecedented 3D course in the region

The course will run from April 18 to June 30

ETIC_Algarve launches, from the 18th of April, the short course “3D for Interior Architecture”, unprecedented in the region.

With this new course, ETIC_Algarrve intends to «strengthen the connection that the school has with the economic activities of the region», in the words of director Nuno Ribeiro.

This is because, says ETIC_Algarve, «real estate activities, linked not only to tourism, but also to other economic activities, such as urban rehabilitation, have a very significant weight» for the region.

Also playing an important role in visual communication, «the execution of 3D projects focused on the scope of interior architecture presents advantages in the scope of architecture, interiors, real estate sales, design of spaces by allowing an extremely real visualization of the desired space, creating in the potential customer, an emotional bond that would not be possible without having the real space».

Jean Rosa, 3D designer, will be the trainer of this course and presents a vast curriculum in the development of photorealistic 3D projects for furniture stores, currently working in a national audiovisual company.

He is a businessman in the area of ​​3D projects aimed at Architecture, Product Design and Photo-Realistic Three-dimensional Animation. He attended the Blender course for Virtual Heritage Reconstruction at the University of Burgos and is a trainer in 3D and Interior Decoration.

The course will run from the 18th of April to the 30th of June, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 19 pm to 30 pm and lasts for 22 hours.

Registration is now open, and can be done on the ETIC_Algarve website or at the school's facilities, located on the 1st floor of the Mercado Municipal de Faro.