Portimão inaugurates Skate Park at Casa das Artes

Right after the inauguration, there will be a tasting open to all.

The Skate Park at Casa das Artes, in Portimão, will be inaugurated on Saturday, the 18th, in a ceremony scheduled for 10 am.

This new equipment, built by the Municipality of Portimão, cost around 82 thousand euros and will be jointly managed by the Municipality and by collectives in the municipality that promote skateboarding and BMX Freestyle, namely the Clube Bicross de Portimão, the Portimão Surf Clube and the newly formed SK8500 Skate Clube de Portimão.

The new track will debut shortly after the inauguration, with the holding of Skate Contest Portimão 2023, an amateur event open to children, young people and adults, aged between 8 and 45 years.

Registration is free and must be done online. There is a maximum limit of 50 athletes, in a joint organization of the three local communities responsible for the Skate Park at Casa das Artes, which have the institutional support of the Municipality of Portimão.