Olhão is already delivering houses with affordable income to residents who won the draw

Chamber decided to hand over the houses as the requalification works are completed, instead of handing them all together

The Câmara de Olhão has already delivered seven of the 26 affordable houses that it raffled off, to assign to as many families, the last of which last week.

The Municipality decided to hand over the houses as soon as the requalification works to which they are being subjected are ready, in order to face «the crisis in the housing market that has been taking place throughout the country», as opposed to handing them all over at the same time, when all the interventions were completed, as originally planned.

The houses in question belong to the municipal housing stock and are located at Rua da Armona (5), at Beco das Olarias (3), at Bairro Horta Dr. Pádua (5), in Bairro Fundo de Fomento da Habitação (11), Rua Nossa Senhora do Carmo (1) and Rua Manuel de Oliveira (1).

«Once the requalification of this batch of 26 dwellings, whose value was close to 300 thousand euros, has been completed, work will begin on a set of 10 others that are vacant, which will be delivered according to the list of alternates and the assigned typology», according to the Council of Olhão.

For António Miguel Pina, President of the Chamber and of the Board of Directors of Fesnima, «this is one more of a series of measures that we have been taking in order to facilitate and make access to housing easier and fairer for all people living in Olhão. In this sense, Fesnima has been developing an exemplary work of surveying, renovating and monitoring our housing stock, so that not a single empty house remains in our heritage».