Entreposto Algarve is now Carby

Carby marks the beginning of a new era for the Nissan dealership
Carby is present from north to south with 9 points of sale and Nissan assistance

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2023 marks a new era at Entreposto Algarve. This year, the Nissan dealer will operate under the Carby brand.

Carby brings together all Nissan dealerships from Grupo JAP and Grupo Entreposto into a single brand. Thus, similarly to Entreposto Algarve, Entrepostos A. Fontes, Lisboa and JAPautomotive3 will also operate under the Carby brand.

The consolidation of these dealerships under a single brand – Carby – provides the customer with a broader offer and a personalized advice and follow-up service, from the moment of purchase to the moment of car maintenance.

With 9 Nissan points of sale and assistance from north to south of the country, there is always a Carby near you so you only have to do one thing: enjoy the journey.


Carby Locations – Nissan Dealership:
aveiro, Faro, Guimarães, Lisbon (Olivais), Loures, Marco de Canaveses, Portimão, Santa Maria da Feira and Vila Real.


About Carby
Carby is the new automotive retail brand of Grupo JAP and Grupo Entreposto. It represents 11 brands in the automotive sector and has national multi-brand coverage of more than 55 points of sale and assistance throughout the country.