Albufeira: Sustainability award dedicated to “water” is OPTO’s big news

Winners will be announced on April 28th

OPTO – Algarve Education and Training Forum is back at the Albufeira Sports Pavilion, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of April, this year with the novelty of awarding students who present the best projects in the field of Sustainability, encouraging the promotion of new talents in the municipality.

The prize, to be awarded annually, in what is the IX edition of OPTO, falls within the sub-theme “Water”.

«This year we have prepared a great novelty within the context of holding the XNUMXth edition of OPTO – Forum of Education and Training of the Algarve, the institution, for the first time, of the Sustainability Prize, with the objective of encouraging young people to develop critical thinking and to reflect on one of the main issues of today, with emphasis on the issue of water, presenting projects in diverse areas that can range from music and dance, to documentaries, photo reports, computer applications or even sports», underlines José Carlos Rolo.

The Prize is addressed to students attending the 9th or 12th year of schooling in the municipality of Albufeira, who must submit their projects individually, excluding the possibility of co-authorship.

The projects, which must fall under the sub-theme “Water”, can be presented in the areas of music, dance/choreography, painting/drawing, sculpture/ceramics, literature, film/documentary, photo reportage, mathematics, ICT (applications), sports , science and others.

Applications must be formalized by the 31st of March, using the appropriate application form, available at Municipality portal and sent to [email protected], together with the following documents: project to be applied for in digital format (video, photo, audio or other form of digital presentation), proof of the various stages of construction/development of the project (can be photographs of the various stages, videos or other digital formats sent) and a pitch (quick and direct presentation about the project in video format, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes).

Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president of the municipality and responsible for the Environment and Entrepreneurship department, points out that this is an «excellent opportunity for young people to reflect on environmental problems and with originality and creativity to talk about their concerns and eventually present solutions to together we build a better world”.

The winning project for each of the categories (9th grade – 1st grade and 12th grade – 2nd grade) will be announced on April 28th, at Pavilhão Desportivo de Albufeira, venue for the XNUMXth edition of OPTO.

500 euros will be awarded to the 9th grade student, author of the winning project (amount to be used in the acquisition of didactic material and/or training/workshops) and 2 euros to the 12th grade student, author of the winning project (amount that can be used to pay fees, specialized training, or start your own company).