Constitutional Court rejects decree on euthanasia

This was the third decree passed in parliament on euthanasia

The Constitutional Court (TC) today declared unconstitutional some of the norms of the decree that regulates medically assisted death, in response to the request for preventive inspection by the President of the Republic.

The announcement was made in session at the headquarters of the TC, in Lisbon, by the reporting judge Maria Benedita Urbano, and was later explained in a statement read by President João Caupers. The decision was taken by a majority of seven judges against six.

This was the third decree approved in parliament on euthanasia and the second time that the head of state, in this matter, requested preventive inspection, on January 04th.

Following this pronouncement, the President of the Republic will have to veto the diploma and return it to the Assembly of the Republic.

This is the second time that the Constitutional Court has rejected a decree on the issue of medically assisted death.

The first time was in March 2021, when the judges gave reason to the doubts raised by the President regarding the “excessively indeterminate concepts, in the definition of the permission requirements for the decriminalization of medically assisted death, and enshrines the delegation, by the Assembly of the Republic , of matter that it was responsible for densifying”.