Tavira receives piano recital by Luís Conceição

As part of the program “Music in the Churches”

The Hermitage of São Sebastião, in Tavira, will host a recital by pianist and composer Luís Conceição, this Saturday, January 28, at 18 pm, as part of the program “Música nas Igrejas”. 

In this concert, works by classical, romantic and contemporary composers will be interpreted.

Luís Conceição graduated in Musical Sciences, at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and in Piano, at the University of Évora, and has a master's degree in Music Teaching from ISEIT (Piaget).

The artist worked as an accompanying pianist, professor of piano and history of culture and arts in several national conservatories. He is currently Professor of Piano and History of Culture and Arts at the Academia de Música de Tavira.

As a pianist and composer, he performed in several national and international venues, solo and in chamber formations, choirs and orchestras.

The professional activity of composition began in 1993, having to date more than 400 musical works.

Luís Conceição leads several musical projects, where he emphasizes the interdisciplinarity of the arts, namely, a symbiotic relationship between music, poetry and cinema. Of these projects, “Stories to the Piano”, “Between us and words”, “Metrópolis” and “Woman of Paris” stand out. He is also the author of didactic works for children in the domain of the piano.

“Music in Churches” aims to boost the built heritage, as well as to promote a taste for music. The concerts take place on Saturdays and are intended for the general public.