“Recreation of the Killing of a Pig” takes more than 300 people to Cortelha

This Sunday, January 15th

The Pedestrian Walk dedicated to the “Recreation of the Slaughter of the Pig”, which took place this Sunday, January 15th, took more than 300 people to Cortelha, in Serra do Caldeirão. 

Invited to drink a “escolateira” coffee and taste the “mata-bicho” (a mixture of medronho brandy drunk first thing in the morning), in the Largo da Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha, the walkers also watched the presentation of the “Recreation of the Killing do Porco” by members of the Serra do Caldeirão Ethnographic Group.

With the first kilometer traveled, the participants passed close to the Moinho do Farranhão, with a panoramic view of the Algarve, followed by a visit to the Vale Maria Dias dam, where, on one of the streams, women were washing their guts.

Further ahead, on a traditional threshing floor at Cumeada, hikers had the right to taste homemade cakes and brandy from
medronho from Serra do Caldeirão, always to the sound of the accordion.



At the end, and upon arrival at the Polidesportivo da Cortelha, there was the Janeiras Group from this village, which brought the sounds and Christmas carols of the “Canto dos Reis” and thus opened the meeting for the tasting of a mountain snack, in which the meats pork were the main dish, but there was no shortage of porridge.

The next Cortelha Pedestrian Tour will be dedicated to the Medronho brandy and is scheduled for the second weekend of March, where the main attraction will be the visit to the different distilleries in the area.

This initiative was organized by the Associação dos Amigos da Cortelha and had the support of Loulé City Council and Salir Parish Council.