Lagos strengthens partnership with the Volunteer Firefighters and supports the requalification of the barracks

The work will be subsidized by the municipality in the amount of 303 222 euros

Lagos City Council will strengthen its partnership with the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters in the municipality, supporting the refurbishment and expansion of the barracks' facilities.

This work will be subsidized by the municipality in the amount of 303.222 euros, which represents 50% of the planned investment value.

The works will serve, according to the municipality, to provide the barracks with more and better conditions, both to receive the teams that make up the fire department and to house the equipment used in rescue, emergency, rescue and firefighting actions.

According to the Municipality, «this is not an isolated decision», «since the need to reinforce the Fire Department's response capacity has been recognized so that it is up to meeting public needs, ensuring operational responses customs, but also the new powers emerging from the Law and the operational directives of the National Authority for Civil Protection».

In this context, the municipality annually grants the association a financial contribution of 800 thousand euros.

In 2022, an extraordinary subsidy of more than 303 thousand euros was also approved for the acquisition of means and equipment, more specifically a vessel for the service provided under the Water Rescue Unit and a new fire-fighting vehicle.

This active collaboration of the municipality is not limited to the Volunteer Firefighters, extending to other partner entities with competences in the area of ​​civil protection and the security forces.

Fulfilling the objective of affirming Lagos as an increasingly safe territory.