Algarve welcomes 196 intern doctors

Doctors were received today

196 medical interns will begin their medical internship this January in the Algarve. The reception sessions took place this Tuesday, January 3, in Faro.

62 internal doctors from the 2022 Medical Internship competition – Specialized Training (40 from different hospital specialties, 21 from General and Family Medicine, 1 from Public Health) and 134 internal doctors from General Training will start their medical internship training this January in the three Groupings of Health Centers belonging to the area of ​​influence of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve and in the hospitals of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve.

Of the 21 intern doctors specializing in General and Family Medicine placed in the three Groupings of Health Centers (ACeS) of the ARS Algarve, 14 will complete their training at ACeS Central (UCSP de Olhão (1), USF Al-Gharb in Faro (2), USF Âncora in Olhão (2), USF Estrela do Mar in Quarteira (2), USF Lauroé in Loulé (2), USF Mirante in Olhão (1), USF Ossónoba in Faro (two); USF Ria Formosa in Faro (1); USF Sol Nascente in Albufeira (1)), 3 at ACeS Sotavento (USF Balsa in Tavira (1), USF Gilão in Tavira (1), at USF Levante in Vila Real de Santo António (1) and 4 at ACeS Barlavento (USF Manuel Teixeira Gomes in Portimão (1), USF Descobrimentos in Lagos (2) and at UCSP in Lagoa (1).

With regard to the Public Health specialty, the internist will complete his training at the USP of ACeS Barlavento.



In terms of hospital specialties, the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve receives 40 internal physicians from the following specialties: Anesthesiology (2), Cardiology (1), General Surgery (2), Infectious Diseases (1), Gastroenterology (1), Gynecology/Obstetrics ( 3), Immunoallergology (1), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (4), Intensive Care Medicine (3), Internal Medicine (7), Nephrology (1), Neurosurgery (1), Medical Oncology (2), Otorhinolaryngology (1), Pathology Clinic (1), Pediatrics (2), Pneumology (2), Psychiatry (2), Radiology (2) Rheumatology (1).

According to the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve, «with regard to the 134 intern doctors of General Training, in order to deepen their knowledge in different clinical contexts, they will develop their training, in a supervised way, in different specialties and services at the units Faro, Portimão and Lagos do CHUA and also in Health Centers in the region».

The new interns in General and Family Medicine were received at the headquarters of ARS Algarve, in the presence of the coordinator of the Medical Internship for FGM in the Algarve Maria Gonzalez Mora, the representative of the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine (APMGF) Rubina Correia and the president of the Board of Directors of ARS Algarve Paulo Morgado.

The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve also held a reception ceremony for 40 doctors from Specialized Training and 134 interns from General Training, in a session, in auditorium 1.5 of the Campus da Penha of the University of Algarve, which was attended by the President of the Board of Directors CHUA Ana Varges Gomes, CHUA Clinical Director Horácio Guerreiro, CHUA Medical Internship coordinator Ana Paula Silva and President of the ARS Algarve Board of Directors Paulo Morgado.

In his speech, Paulo Morgado underlined the importance of investing in knowledge and research to reinforce professional skills in order to respond to the needs of today's society, and, he took the opportunity to highlight that, combined with all these skills, everyone should have in mind that «humility, honesty, humanity and honor» are the fundamental and essential pillars to become «good doctors».

Finally, Paulo Morgado, congratulating the new interns for having chosen the Algarve to carry out their internship, left the guarantee «that they will have all the support and necessary follow-up from CHUA and ARS Algarve during the training course that they are now starting , launching an invitation so that, at the end of their training, they choose to stay and follow their professional path in the health units of the SNS in the Algarve region».