Albufeira gets a new “street library”

At Cais Herculano, in downtown Albufeira

Cais Herculano, in downtown Albufeira, has since this Tuesday, January 17, a new “street library”, which aims to house books and daily newspapers for consultation and reading by all interested parties.

The initiative, promoted by the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água, gave a new life to a Transformation Station in
electricity, now painted with an image of a fisherman in his boat.

Next to it, there is a new sculpture by Carlos de Oliveira Correia, which, according to the Board, symbolizes everything the municipality wants for this place: «a place where everyone will have access to works for a reading that can be done in a calm and relaxing way right there, in front of the natural theater of Praia dos Pescadores, or elsewhere».

The objective of this action by the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água, which had the support of the Albufeira City Council, is to promote culture and reading among residents and visitors, calling interested and curious people to this historic area of ​​the city .