SÖNMUN: the new Algarve brand inspired by the region to create textured art pieces

From table decorations to screens, there are options for all tastes

It is in Loulé, in a studio created at home, that Marcos Alfares and Emilie Cavaco, 35, create art pieces with shapes, textures and colors inspired by the Algarve. 

A SÖNMUN was officially launched on the 2nd of November, but it comes from an idea that began to be thought of at the beginning of the year.

«I had this desire to find something more creative. I've always had contact with art, through music, but now I wanted to get my hands dirty and create something for myself. This came about organically when, browsing the internet, I came across this technique [tufting] that attracted me due to the colors and textures», begins by telling Marcos Alfares, born in Portimão, to the Sul Informação. 

After five years living in France and working as a visual merchandisers in the textile business, the couple decided to return to Portugal in 2018.

«We lived in Lisbon for a year, but the call to the Algarve was greater. I managed to convince Marcos to leave Barlavento and we both came to live in Loulé», explains Emilie, who, despite being born in France, has lived in Loulé since she was 14.



At SÖNMUN, the illustration work is done by Emelie; Marcos, on the other hand, is the one who transfers creativity to the canvas, putting into practice the meticulous technique of tufting, which «consists of creating pieces of decoration or art with wool».

With the aim of «offering each interior a singular and unique meaning», the couple creates pieces that range from table accessories and mirrors to wall decorations.

Launched the first collection, which intends to be «a business card», SÖNMUN works by orders, which can be made not only by individuals, but also by businesses and companies.

«We are also interested in working with decor designers and being able to even do works in the form of a mural», stresses Emilie.

Despite being on the market for just a month, the couple stresses that their pieces have attracted a lot of public attention, mainly because it is an unknown technique.

Emphasizing that craftsmanship has been lost over the years, the couple believe that their generation is, little by little, returning to this type of work.

«We are increasingly accustomed to what is industrial and low-cost and our brand also goes back a little to explain what it is to create handicrafts and the time it takes to make them. It is easier for many of us to go to a large store and buy something at a very low price, but here [at SÖNMUN] all the dedication of those who produce is there and the value also translates into that», highlights Marcos.

Despite not having a physical space open to the public, Emelie and Marcos aim to display their pieces in other stores. Currently, they already have a partnership with Zé and Maria, in Olhão, and are in a pop-up space, until the 24th of December, in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon.

SÖNMUN parts are priced from 65 euros and can be ordered via site.