Ryanair will fly from Faro to Rome, Barcelona, ​​Toulouse and beyond this summer

In all, the low cost airline will introduce seven new destinations

Rome, Barcelona and Toulouse are among the seven new destinations to which Ryanair will fly from Faro, this summer, in what will be the «biggest offer ever» in the summer season.

For this, the low cost airline will allocate two more planes to the base it has in Faro.

In addition to Rome Fuimicino (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Toulouse (France), this summer Faro to Aarhus (Denmark), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Exeter (United Kingdom) and Frankfurt Hahn (Germany).

Ryanair will also open 11 routes to Porto.

In total, the Irish air carrier will increase investment in Portugal and create «120 new jobs» in our country.



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