In Loco launches a new edition of the magazine “REDE”

This edition was produced following a cycle of webinars

“(R)Evolution of Rural Worlds, Urgency, Strategy and Territorial Governance”. This is the theme of the last issue of “Revista REDE”, edited by the association In Loco.

The magazine addresses topics such as «governance in its multiplicity, with emphasis on territorial governance, food governance at a territorial and global level, climate change and its relationship with food sustainability, as well as the potential of territories based on their resources differentiating endogenous factors, and where local actors, in articulation with the other levels of political decision-making, have a primordial role in the policies underlying the development process», says In Loco.

The edition has the contribution of Nuno Carvalho, João Ferrão, Aquiles Marreiros, Francisco Sarmento, Rosário Oliveira, João Almeida, Artur Cristóvão, Célia Lavado, Luís Moreno, Paulo Lourenço, Lina Irene Pereira and Ana Souto, a group of specialists, academics, representatives of municipalities, public services or non-governmental organizations.

This edition was produced following a cycle of webinars held throughout the month of April and May 2021 and will only have a digital edition that can be obtained here