Castro Marim family saw their house “Reborn from the Ashes” in time for Christmas

House burned in August 2021 fire

A family from the Cortelha site, in Castro Marim, saw their house “Reborn from the Ashes”, after it burned down in the great fire of 2021, and in time for Christmas.

The recovery of this house was «fully financed by DDN, a project management and inspection company that annually supports the reconstruction of a house in a burned area», according to the Chamber of Castro Marim.

“Given the functional relationship of this company with a large undertaking in the territory, Verdelago, the administration ended up, on a visit to the burned area in August 2021, taking this as the major project to support that year”, added the municipality.

The partners involved in this action, carried out within the scope of the “Renascer das Cinzas” project, gathered yesterday at a Christmas lunch «which marked the delivery of the rebuilt house to the owners, the couple Natália and José, faces of a scourge that still has not been forgotten by the population”.

Recently, in a voluntary action promoted by the municipality of Castro Marim, trees were planted in about 19 hectares in the burned area in what became known as the Pernadeira fire.

The Castro Marim executive thanks «all the support from these companies and the resilience of the affected couple», stressing that «this meeting of forces is an example of the importance of a country with muscular companies that develop social responsibility projects».

«The municipality of Castro Marim is working on other partnerships, for specific social responses through social patronage», concluded the Chamber.